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Linerbolt Removal Tool

The Linerbolt Removal Tool is a Recoilless Hydraulic Hammer specifically designed to deliver a controlled and powerful high energy blow, ideal for removing tight liner bolts, and large mill liners from SAG and Ball mills. 


Safe Operation


All LRT functions controls are at the operator’s fingertips. The ergonomic handset has integrated controls for LRT, Jib extend/retract, and jib or winch raise/lower powered via paired Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).

Safety of reline personnel is paramount. Before the LRT can be fired, an independent observer must hold the enable button on the observer pendant connected to the HPU. The ergonomic operator observer pendant includes emergency stop and remote HPU start functions.


Easy to Service


Innovative design allows for cost effective servicing. The unique split-case design with easy access panels makes it quick for service technicians to conduct pre-start checks and scheduled services.


Easy to Maintain


Scheduled servicing or breakdown maintenance can be done without the need for special tooling or workbenches. The unique split-case design allows for quick diagnostics and repair work on the mill floor.

Clever design utilizes recognized heavy industrial grade components to keep critical spare parts costs down. As an alternative to expensive custom wiring looms integrated with sensors, MRT LRT120™ sensors and cables can be replaced individually in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost.

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