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Feed Chute Transporter

Feed Chute Transporters provide the safest and fastest method of extracting large mill feed chutes


Feed Chute Transporter

Mill Feed Chute extraction is a critical event for reline shutdowns and mill liner inspection.  Beyond the sheer size of chutes, aging plants can make rail mounted chute extraction a slow and often dangerous operation. 

Remote Control


All FCT operations are controlled via remote control, allowing the operator to freely walk around the chute for clear visibility of surrounds. 

Powerful Extraction


Extracting the feed chute away from the mill is assured with dedicated powerful and precise push cylinders. 



Feed Chute Bases


Heavy duty feed chute bases mounted on skids or rail wheels with extreme duty sealed bearings, offer superior service life for the chute extraction equipment. The critical FCT asset can be stored away from the harsh mill feed environment to keep in peek condition to guarantee rapid Feed Chute extraction even if the chute rails are corroded or jammed.

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